CONTROLCHEM are chemical mutagens and promutagens for conduction of positive quality controls.

  • All chemicals are obtained from major suppliers with formulation/ source certificates and SDS
  • Filled in natural polypropylene vials fitted with O-ring gasketed closures
  • Organic solvents meet A.C.S. standards
  • Packaged quantities are precise within 1%.

Please note: CONTROLCHEM chemicals (CC) are known mutagens/carcinogens/toxins. They are only sold to those experienced in the safe handling and disposal of hazardous materials. Consult your Institutional Safety Expert before ordering.

Catalog no. Description Storage Size
60-100 CC Mitomycin C, 5 µg/vial 4°C 5/pack
60-101 CC ICR191, 10 µg/vial 4°C 5/pack
60-102 CC Daunomycin, 60 µg/vial 4°C 5/pack
60-103 CC Sodium azide, 15 µg/vial 4°C 5/pack
60-104 CC 2-Aminofluorene, 100 µg/vial 4°C 5/pack
60-107 CC 2-Aminoanthracene, 100 µg/vial 4°C 5/pack
60-108 CC Methylmethanesulfonate, 25 µl/vial 4°C 5/pack
60-111 CC 2-Nitrofluorene, 20 µg/vial 4°C 5/pack
60-113 CC Cyclophosphamide, 1 mg/vial 4°C 5/pack
60-114 CC Benzo(a)pyrene, 200 µg/vial 4°C 5/pack
60-115 CC EMS, 20 mg/vial 4°C 5/pack
60-118 CC Cytochalasin-B, 150 µl /vial -20°C 5/pack
60-120 CC Sodium azide, 200 µg/vial 4°C 5/pack
60-121.1 CC 4-NQO, 50 µg/vial 4°C 5/pack
60-122 CC Danthron, 500 µg/vial -20°C 5/pack
60-147 CC 9-Aminoacridine, 1 mg/vial 4°C 5/pack

The above list is representative of products we have on stock.
We welcome the opportunity to provide you with custom formulations. Please ask for a quote, our labs provide a lower cost, on time solution!