In vitro Hemotoxicity Testing

The blood-forming or hematopoietic system is a definitive stem cell system and continuously proliferating system in the body. Stem cells and their immediate progenitor cell progeny are extremely sensitive to insults and perturbations. Drugs, compounds and many other agents often affect the hematopoietic system.


2-step predictive residual stem cell toxicity and change in drug sensitivity assay

  • The only validated, high throughput hemotoxicity assay for in vitro stem and progenitor cells
  • HALO®-Tox HT for up to 7 different stem cell populations, 7 lineage-specific hematopoietic progenitor cell populations and 2 lymphopoietic cell populations from 5 species (Human (below), Primate, Canine, Rat and Mouse).
K2-0-2HH HALO®-Tox HT without growth factors -20°C 2x 96-well kit
K2-HPP2-2HH HALO®-Tox HT for SC-HPP2 / HPP-SP2 -20°C 2x 96-well kit
K2-GEMM1-2HH HALO®-Tox HT for SC-GEMM1 / CFC-GEMM1 -20°C 2x 96-well kit
K2-B1-2HH HALO®-Tox HT for P-BFU1 / BFU-E1 -20°C 2x 96-well kit
K2-GM1-2HH HALO®-Tox HT for P-GM1 / GM-CFC1 -20°C 2x 96-well kit
K2-Mk1-2HH HALO®-Tox HT for P-Mk1 / MK-CFC1 -20°C 2x 96-well kit
K2-T-2HH HALO®-Tox HT for P-Tcell / T-CFC -20°C 2x 96-well kit
K2-B-2HH HALO®-Tox HT for P-Bcell / B-CFC -20°C 2x 96-well kit

Readout: ATP bioluminescence (96- or 384-well plates)
Kit components: Master mix, ATP standard, ATP controls, 96-well plate(s), sterile adhesive foil, manual


ATP bioluminescence predictive residual hemotoxicity assays

When cells respond to cytotoxic agents, not all the cells may be inhibited or killed. The cells that arenot affected are residual cells. When removed and re-plated, these cells may still be capable of proliferation. The residual dose response after secondary re-plating may indicate a shift to the left or right indicating a change in agent/drug sensitivity. Secondary re-plating also indicate the presence of stem cells from that tissue or organ.

K2-PRT-2H HALO® PRT for SC-HPP1 + SC-HPP2, Human -20°C 2x 96-well kit
K2-PRT-2PR HALO® PRT for SC-HPP1 + SC-HPP2, Primate (NHP) -20°C 2x 96-well kit
K2-PRT-2C HALO® PRT for SC-HPP1 + SC-HPP2, Dog -20°C 2x 96-well kit
K2-PRT-2R HALO® PRT for SC-HPP1 + SC-HPP2, Rat -20°C 2x 96-well kit
K2-PRT-2M HALO® PRT for SC-HPP1 + SC-HPP2, Mouse -20°C 2x 96-well kit

HALO® PRT is available in "Low serum" (see above) or "Serum-free" (Human, Primate and Mouse) HemoGro high-performance culture growth medium


"Global" hematopoietic stem and progenitor cell complete assays for 4-, 5- or 7-populations to monitor patient reconstitution after transplantation

  • Allows simultaneous detection of hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells to be measured at any time to demonstrate and follow reconstitution
  • Faster, easier and more accurate to use than any traditional CFC assay, even with automated colony counting
  • Results are obtained in only 5 days
  • Allows comparison of patient results with time due to inclusion of assay standards and to determine "global" reconstitution
  • 3 assay formats available:
    4-Population assay for SC-GEMM1, P-BFU1, P-GM1 and P-Mk1
    5-Population assay for SC-HPP2, SC-GEMM1, P-BFU1, P-GM1 and P-Mk1
    7-Population assay for SC-HPP2, SC-GEMM1, P-BFU1, P-GM1, P-Mk1, P-Tcell, P-Bcell
K2-4PMT-5 HALO® PMT for SC-GEMM1, P-BFU1, P-GM1 and P-Mk1, incl. control -20°C 5x 96-well kit
K2-5PMT-6 HALO® PMT for SC-HPP2, SC-GEMM1, P-BFU1, P-GM1 and P-Mk1, incl. control -20°C 6x 96-well kit
K2-7PMT-8 HALO® PMT for SC-HPP2, SC-GEMM1, P-BFU1, P-GM1, P-Mk1, P-Tcell, P-Bcell, incl. control -20°C 8x 96-well kit

HALO® PMT is available in "Low serum" (see above) or "Serum-free" HemoGro high-performance culture growth medium


Clonal, methylcellulose proliferation and differentiation 96-well assays

  • Manual colony enumeration AND standardized ATP bioluminescence
  • Fast results in 10-12 days: media formulations allows increased growth of colonies
  • Economical use of cells
KCO-0-1H CAMEO-96 without growth factors -20°C 1x 96-well kit
KCO-HPP1-1H CAMEO-96 for SC-HPP1 / HPP-SP1 -20°C 1x 96-well kit
KCO-HPP2-1H CAMEO-96 for SC-HPP2 / HPP-SP2 -20°C 1x 96-well kit
KCO-GEMM1-1H CAMEO-96 for SC-GEMM1 / CFC-GEMM1 -20°C 1x 96-well kit
KCO-GEMM2-1H CAMEO-96 for SC-GEMM2 / CFC-GEMM2 -20°C 1x 96-well kit
KCO-GEM1-1H CAMEO-96 for SC-GEM1 / CFC-GEM1 -20°C 1x 96-well kit
KCO-GEM2-1H CAMEO-96 for SC-GEM2 / CFC-GEM2 -20°C 1x 96-well kit
KCO-BFU1-1H CAMEO-96 for P-BFU1 / BFU-E1 -20°C 1x 96-well kit
KCO-GM1-1H CAMEO-96 for P-GM1 / GM-CFC1 -20°C 1x 96-well kit
KCO-Mk1-1H CAMEO-96 for P-Mk1 / Mk-CFC1 -20°C 1x 96-well kit
KCO-T-1H CAMEO-96 for P-Tcell / T-CFC -20°C 1x 96-well kit
KCO-B-1H CAMEO-96 for P-Bcell / B-CFC -20°C 1x 96-well kit


Miniaturized methylcellulose CFC assay used in toxicity testing

  • To detect the response of compounds on the differentiation and maturation process
  • Easy handing: due to the optimized blend of the master mix it can simply be applied with a poistive displacement pipette
  • Fast results in 10-12 days: media formulations allows increased growth of colonies
  • Economical use of cells: the miniaturized CFU-assay kit CAMEO-4 requires only 1/10 the amount of target cells compared to traditional assays
KC-0-50H CAMEO-4 without growth factors -20°C 38 ml + 50 plates
KC-HPP1-50H CAMEO-4 for SC-HPP1 / HPP-SP1 -20°C 38 ml + 50 plates
KC-HPP2-50H CAMEO-4 for SC-HPP2 / HPP-SP2 -20°C 38 ml + 50 plates
KC-GEMM1-50H CAMEO-4 for SC-GEMM1 / CFC-GEMM1 -20°C 38 ml + 50 plates
KC-GEMM2-50H CAMEO-4 for SC-GEMM2 / CFC-GEMM2 -20°C 38 ml + 50 plates
KC-GEMM3-50H CAMEO-4 for SC-GEMM3 / CFC-GEMM3 -20°C 38 ml + 50 plates
KC-GEM1-50H CAMEO-4 for SC-GEM1 / CFC-GEM1 -20°C 38 ml + 50 plates
KC-GEM2-50H CAMEO-4 for SC-GEM2 / CFC-GEM2 -20°C 38 ml + 50 plates
KC-GEM3-50H CAMEO-4 for SC-GEM3 / CFC-GEM3 -20°C 38 ml + 50 plates
KC-BFU1-50H CAMEO-4 for P-BFU1 / BFU-E1 -20°C 38 ml + 50 plates
KC-BFU2-50H CAMEO-4 for P-BFU2 / BFU-E2 -20°C 38 ml + 50 plates
KC-E-50H CAMEO-4 for CFU-E -20°C 38 ml + 50 plates
KC-GM1-50H CAMEO-4 for P-GM1 / GM-CFC1 -20°C 38 ml + 50 plates
KC-GM2-50H CAMEO-4 for P-GM2 / GM-CFC2 -20°C 38 ml + 50 plates
KC-GM3-50H CAMEO-4 for P-GM3 / GM-CFC3 -20°C 38 ml + 50 plates
KC-G-50H CAMEO-4 for G-CFC -20°C 38 ml + 50 plates
KC-M-50H CAMEO-4 for M-CFC -20°C 38 ml + 50 plates
KC-Mk1-50H CAMEO-4 for P-Mk1 / Mk-CFC1 -20°C 38 ml + 50 plates
KC-Mk2-50H CAMEO-4 for P-Mk2 / Mk-CFC2 -20°C 38 ml + 50 plates
KC-T-50H CAMEO-4 for P-Tcell / T-CFC -20°C 38 ml + 50 plates
KC-B-50H CAMEO-4 for P-Bcell / B-CFC -20°C 38 ml + 50 plates

CAMEO-4 - Flyer (PDF, 691 KB)

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