Suspension Expansion Culture (SEC) Master Mixes


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Suspension Expansion Culture for hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells

Catalog no. Description Storage Size
SEC-0-40H CellExpand without growth factors -20°C 40 ml
SEC-HPP1-40H CellExpand for SC-HPP1 / HPP-SP1 -20°C 40 ml
SEC-HPP2-40H CellExpand for SC- HPP2 / HPP-SP2 -20°C 40 ml
SEC-GEMM1-40H CellExpand for SC-GEMM1 / CFC-GEMM1 -20°C 40 ml
SEC-GEMM2-40H CellExpand for SC-GEMM2 / CFC-GEMM2 -20°C 40 ml
SEC-GEMM3-40H CellExpand for SC- GEMM3 / CFC-GEMM3 -20°C 40 ml
HSEC-GEM1-40H CellExpand for SC- GEM1 / CFC-GEM1 -20°C 40 ml
SEC-GEM2-40H CellExpand for SC-GEM2 / CFC-GEM2 -20°C 40 ml
SEC-BFU1-40H CellExpand for P-BFU2 / BFU-E1 -20°C 40 ml
SEC-BFU2-40H CellExpand for P-BFU2 / BFU-E2 -20°C 40 ml
SEC-GM1-40H CellExpand for P-GM1 / GM-CFC1 -20°C 40 ml
SEC-GM3-40H CellExpand for P-GM3 / GM-CFC3 -20°C 40 ml
SEC-Mk1-40H CellExpand for P-Mk1 / MK-CFC1 -20°C 40 ml
SEC-T-40H CellExpand for P-Tcell / T-CFC -20°C 40 ml
SEC-B-40H CellExpand for P-Bcell / B-CFC -20°C 40 ml

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