Viability and Functionality


ATP bioluminescence viability assay to measure cellular and mitochondrial integrity of stem cells

  • To determine metabolic viability (not viability by dye exclusion which detects membrane integrity) and cellular functionality of cells prior to in vitro culture
  • Can be used in addition to dye exclusion viability methods to substantiate cellular and mitochondrial integrity

Kit contents:

  • ATP Standard
  • ATP Controls
  • ATP Enumeration reagent
  • Non-sterile, 96-well plates
  • Instruction manual

Catalog no. Description Storage Size
PS-96-1​​​ ​​LIVEGlo viability assay -20°C ​1 x 96-well Kit
PS-96-2​​​ ​​LIVEGlo viability assay -20°C ​2 x 96-well kit
PS-96-4 ​​LIVEGlo viability assay -20°C ​4 x 96-well kit

HALO® Real Time

Real time, non-lytic bioluminescence assay to monitor cell processing of hematopoietic stem/progenitor cells

  • Non-lytic, bioluminescence assay. Compatible with downstream applications, e.g. flow cytometric phenotypic analysis (e.g. CD133+, CD34+ or ALDH+)
  • Watch the cells grow over 2-5 days by taking bioluminescence readings at any times you like
  • For human cells, bone marrow, umbilical cord blood normal or mobilized peripheral blood or purified populations (e.g. CD34+, CD133+)
  • Available for 7 lympho-hematopoietic stem cell and 9 progenitor cell populations

Catalog no. Description Storage Size
K6-HPP1-1H HALO® Real Time for SC-HPP1 / HPP-SP1 -20°C 1 x 96-well kit
K6-HPP2-1H HALO® Real Time for SC-HPP2 / HPP-SP2 -20°C 1 x 96-well kit
K6-GEMM1-1H HALO® Real Time for SC-GEMM1 / CFC-GEMM1 -20°C 1 x 96-well kit
K6-GEMM2-1H HALO® Real Time for SC-GEMM2 / CFC-GEMM2 -20°C 1 x 96-well kit
K6-GEM1-1H HALO® Real Time for SC-GEM1 / CFC-GEM1 -20°C 1 x 96-well kit
K6-GEM2-1H HALO® Real Time for SC-GEM2 / CFC-GEM2 -20°C 1 x 96-well kit
K6-BFU1-1H HALO® Real Time for P-BFU1 / BFU-E1 -20°C 1 x 96-well kit
K6-BFU2-1H HALO® Real Time for P-BFU2 / BFU-E2 -20°C 1 x 96-well kit
K6-GM1-1H HALO® Real Time for P-GM1 / GM-CFC1 -20°C 1 x 96-well kit
K6-GM3-1H HALO® Real Time for P-GM3 / GM-CFC3 -20°C 1 x 96-well kit
K6-Mk1-1H HALO® Real Time for P-Mk1 / Mk-CFC1 -20°C 1 x 96-well kit

All items are available either "Serum-free" (see above) or "Low serum" combined with the following species: Human (see above), Primate, Rat, Mouse and Canine.

HALO® Real Time- Flyer (PDF, 642 KB)

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