Vital Assays,
Reagents and Media

Genetic Toxicology

TRINOVA BIOCHEM is the European distributor of MOLTOX® (USA), offering test systems for genetic toxicology, e.g. Ames mutagenicity test (OECD 471).


Bacteriological cell culture media, agar plates, reagents and buffer in MOLTOX® quality for INDUSTRIAL, ENVIROMENTAL and MOLECULAR microbiology.


About us

TRINOVA BIOCHEM GmbH was founded in 1999 by Arthur Ronzheimer. TRINOVA represents and distributes biomedical assays, reagents and media.

News 25.04.2023

Meet us at EEMGS/SEMA Congress in Málaga (Spain), May 15th - 18th !

We will be glad to welcome you at our BOOTH! 51st European...

News 24.04.2023

Upcoming public holidays May/June

The Trinova Biochem office and warehouse in Germany will be closed on the following dates: May: Monday 1st (Labour Day) Thursday 18th (Ascension...

News 14.03.2023

MUTAZYME™ - Ease of Use in Your LAB!

MUTAZYME™ is a complete, lyphilized rat liver S9 mix. It contains the NADPH regenerating system and all co-factors required. It is applicable for...

News 07.03.2023

Modified Ames Reference Oil No.1 (HC 235) available!

For analysis of petroleum oils with modified Ames test (ASTM method E1687-19 ), the required positve control - Reference Oil No.1 (HC 235) - is...

News 10.01.2023

Check your stocks: Impending Aroclor Shortage

Because of impending Aroclor shortage, supply of Aroclor induced S9 products depends on availability! [Only S9 Hamster and 10% MUTAZYME™ are still...