Ames Test / OECD 471 Guideline

Use Phenotype Test Kit #31-600 to confirm phenotype characteristics listed by the OECD 471 guideline in any of the E. coli and Salmonella strains used in the Ames test! [read more]


Now: Modified Ames Reference Oil No.1 (HC 235)

For analysis of petroleum oils with modified Ames test (ASTM method E1687-19 ), the required positve control - Reference Oil No.1 (HC 235) - is now available (#60-900; 30 ml/vial), as well as specifically prepared Hamster S9 (#15-03S.5; 5ml/vial ) ! [“Modified” Ames test as described in the Standard Test method for Determining Carcinogenic Potential of Virgin Base Oils in Metalworking Fluids. ASTM E1687. ASTM International.] [read more]


MUTAZYME - Ease of Use in Your LAB!

MUTAZYME is a complete, lyphilized rat liver S9 mix. It contains the NADPH regenerating system and all co-factors required. It is applicable for AMES II mutagenicity assays, liquid formats (e.g. Moltox FT Assays) and standard Ames plate incorporation assays. MUTAZYME is available as 30% (3.25 & 6.5 ml), 10% (20ml) and 5% (20ml) S9 mix. [read more]