Do you also offer a ready-to use rat liver S9-Mix?
Yes. MUTAZYME consists of lyophilized rat liver S9 that already includes NADP, D-glucose-6-phosphate, MgCl2, KCl in pH 7.4 sodium phosphate buffer. After reconstitution the resultant S9 Mix may be directly used in the standard plate incorporation assays or liquid fluctuation tests.

We observe lot-specific toxicity using S9 for some of our cell assays. Can you advise?
Experience showed that Mutazyme is less toxic to certain cells than regular S9 preparations.

CRUX RUFA Media Supplements: can it be used for human cell lines?
In several publications it is described, that human platelet lysate is suitable for various human cell lines.

What is the difference between HALO® -assays and a methylcellulose CFU-assays?
The HALO®-assay is based on bioluminescence. It results in a non-subjective, instrument based read-out. For standardization the assay kits contain standards and controls.

How can the bioluminescence assays be measured.
To measure bioluminescence you need a bioluminescence instrument. Please contact us if you need further information.

Is it possible to validate the HemoGenix® ATP-bioluminescene assays?
Yes. The kit contains ATP standard and controls. Thus you can validate the assay. With HALO® PRS it is also possible to establish an in-house reference standard.