Buffer & Reagents

Antibiotic Solutions / DiscsMoltox Antibiotic Discs / Solutions

The MOLTOX® portfolio of antibiotics solutions and discs is specifically formulated for use in bacterial mutagenicity assays.

Ampicillin is used for selecting pKM101-containing bacterial strains.

Tetracycline is added to the culture medium for growth of pAQ1-containing strains (TA102*).

Mitomycin C, Ampicillin, Crystal Violet and Tetracycline discs are designed for our phenotype test kit or can be used separately.

BufferMoltox Buffers

Choose from a variety of buffer for your specific purposes, e.g. Phosphate Buffer, Sodium Chlorid Buffer or Tris-HCL Buffer.


Microbiology / Bacteriological Media Products - Product List (PDF, 0 Bytes)

Find more detailed information on the MOLTOX® homepage: Moltox Bacteriological Media Catalog. Please note: Not all items listed there are available in Europe!