46th EEMGS/ 30th GUM Meeting in Potsdam (March 18-21)

We will be happy to welcome you at our booth!


- Cell -Type Specificity Of Genotoxicity And DNA Repair
- DNA Damage Response And DNA Repair
- Alternatives To Animal Testing: Emerging Models And Techniques
- Mutagenicity And Aging
- Discovering Causes Of Disease: New Approaches In Human Biomonitoring
- Environmental Health and Early Life Exposure
- Hot Topics In Carcinogenicity
- Next Generation Risk Assessment Of Genetic Toxicity
- Testing Of Impurities For Mutagenic Potential In -
- Drugs, Substances And Products
- Genome Safety In Gene Therapy


V.M. Arlt, H.-J. Martus, J. Bornhorst, R. Frötschl, B. Epe, E. Knudsen,
G. Johnson, A. Poth, S. Langie, H. Stopper, T. Schwerdtle