Agar Plates

MGA plates

Choose from a variety of Minimal Glucose Agar (MGA) plates, Nutrient Agar plates, Master plates, and Phenotype Confirmation plates for your Ames test protocol.

Catalog no. Description Storage Size
21-100.1 Nutrient Agar plates, Oxoid #2 RT 10/sleeve
21-199 EC TRI PC VBE plates 4°C 5/sleeve
21-200 ST QUAD PC plates 4°C 5/sleeve
21-201 Ampicillin Master plates 4°C 5/sleeve
21-202 Ampicillin/Tetracycline Master plates 4°C 5/sleeve
21-203 His/Bio Master plates, 30 ml/dish RT 10/sleeve
21-40S296 6-well Phenotype Confirmation plates 4°C 2/sleeve
21-400.2 Minimal Glucose Agar plates, 30 ml/dish RT 20/sleeve
21-400.5 Minimal Glucose Agar plates, 30 ml/dish RT 500/case
21-40S19 Minimal Glucose Agar plates, 6-well plates RT 2/sleeve
21-40S294 Minimal Glucose Agar plates, 24-well plates 4°C 2/sleeve
21-40S21 Minimal Glucose Agar plates, 25 ml/dish RT 500/case
Minimal Glucose Agar (MGA) Plates   - Product Information (PDF, 338 KB)
Nutrient Broth #2   - Product Information (PDF, 501 KB)

The above list is representative of products we have in stock.
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