CONTROLCHEM are chemical mutagens and promutagens for conduction of positive quality controls.

  • All chemicals are obtained from major suppliers with formulation/ source certificates and SDS
  • Filled in natural polypropylene vials fitted with O-ring gasketed closures
  • Organic solvents meet A.C.S. standards
  • Packaged quantities are precise within 1%.

Please note: CONTROLCHEM chemicals (CC) are known mutagens/carcinogens/toxins. They are only sold to those experienced in the safe handling and disposal of hazardous materials. Consult your Institutional Safety Expert before ordering.

Catalog no. Description Storage Size
60-100 CC Mitomycin C, 5 µg/vial 4°C 5/pack
60-101 CC ICR191, 10 µg/vial 4°C 5/pack
60-102 CC Daunomycin, 60 µg/vial 4°C 5/pack
60-103 CC Sodium azide, 15 µg/vial 4°C 5/pack
60-104 CC 2-Aminofluorene, 100 µg/vial 4°C 5/pack
60-107 CC 2-Aminoanthracene, 100 µg/vial 4°C 5/pack
60-108 CC Methylmethanesulfonate - MMS, 25 µl/vial 4°C 5/pack
60-111 CC 2-Nitrofluorene, 20 µg/vial 4°C 5/pack
60-113 CC Cyclophosphamide, 1 mg/vial 4°C 5/pack
60-114 CC Benzo(a)pyrene, 200 µg/vial 4°C 5/pack
60-115 CC Ethylmethanesulfonate - EMS, 20 µl/vial 4°C 5/pack
60-118 CC Cytochalasin-B, 150 µl/vial -20°C 5/pack
60-120 CC Sodium azide, 200 µg/vial 4°C 5/pack
60-121.1 CC 4-Nitroquinoline-N-oxide - NQO, 50 µg/vial 4°C 5/pack
60-122 CC Danthron, 500 µg/vial -20°C 5/pack
60-137 CC 9N-Nitroso-N-methylurea, 120 mg/vial 4°C 5/pack
60-147 CC 9-Aminoacridine-HCl, 1 mg/vial 4°C 5/pack
60-900 Modified Ames Reference Oil No.1 (HC235)*, 30 ml RT 1 vial

The above list is representative of products we have on stock.
We welcome the opportunity to provide you with custom formulations. Please ask for a quote, our labs provide a lower cost, on time solution!

prepared for use in the “modified” Ames test for petroleum oils as described in the Standard Test method for Determining Carcinogenic Potential of Virgin Base Oils in Metalworking Fluids. ASTM E1687. ASTM International.