Regensys NADPH Regenerating System


NADP/NADPH is a necessary cofactor in various metabolism reactions. NADP is added to S9 liver extract to support the oxidase activity catalyzed by P450s, FMOs, NADPH-P450 reductase, and many other oxidase enzymes.

The Moltox® NADPH Regenerating System consists of two reagents: Regensys A and Regensys B and is intended for preparation of a 4-10% S9 mix, as described by Maron and Ames1. The fill sizes refer to final volume of S9 mix per package.

  • Content Regensys A: Gucose-6-phosphate + MgCl2/KCl in 0.1M Phosphate buffer, pH7.4
  • Content Regensys B: lyophilized NADP

Regensys Components

Catalog no. Description Storage Size
60-200.15 NADPH Regensys A 4°C 15 ml
60-200.40 NADPH Regensys A 4°C 40 ml
60-200.5 NADPH Regensys A 4°C 50 ml
60-201.15L NADPH Regensys B, lyoph. -20°C 46 mg
60-201.4L NADPH Regensys B, lyoph. -20°C 123 mg
60-201.5L NADPH Regensys B, lyoph. -20°C 153 mg
60-203.1 Glucose-6-phosphate RT 2 g

Our ready-to-use S9 Mix MUTAZYME already contains Regensys A and Regensys B.

1 Maron D., Ames B. Revised methods for the Salmonella mutagenicity test. Mutation Research 113(3-4):173-215, 1983.