Top Agar, Media and Buffer

Agar and buffer bottles

Top Agar and media for various bacterial strains and Ames testing modifications. Aligned phosphate buffer for your specific requirements

Catalog no. Description Storage Size
26-501.3 Top Agar 0.7% RT 300 ml
26-502.3 Top Agar, L-Tryptophan RT 300 ml
26-503.1 Top Agar, Histidine/Biotin RT 100 ml
26-503.3 Top Agar, Histidine/Biotin RT 300 ml
26-721.1 Top Agar, 0.05 mM His/Bio/Tryp RT 100 ml
26-505.1 Nutrient broth, Oxoid #2 RT 100 ml
26-505.3 Nutrient broth, Oxoid #2 RT 300ml
26-510.039 Phosphate buffer 0.2M RT 100 ml
26-510.047 Phosphate buffer 0.2M RT 500 ml
26-543.039 Phosphate buffer 0.1M (for µAmes test kit) RT 100 ml
26-511 Glucose-6-phosphate -20°C 2 ml
26-512.020 MgCl2/KCl solution -20°C 20 ml
Nutrient Broth #2   - Product Information (PDF, 501 KB)

The above list is representative of products we have on stock.
We welcome the opportunity to provide you with custom formulations. Please ask for a quote, our labs provide a lower cost, on time solution!